my name is Dannyyo and this is my resume

About Me

My name is Danny Kort and I'm a software engineer and nerd from The Netherlands.

Pragmatic, lean, problem solver, technically skilled, leadership; these would be a few of the buzz-words on how I would describe myself.

With my love for everything technical, broad range of technical knowledge and positive attitude I believe I can be an asset to any team. My preference goes to teams who shared my pragmatic and lean approach towards achieving goals and overcoming challenges.

I enjoy initiating new projects, creating/launching products and bringing such efforts to the point where they can easily be managed by either the team or a 'sustaining' manager. Think big and build small; in the end it's about getting things done.

In projects or organizations taking responsibility comes naturally to me and with everything I do, I believe it is important to be upright, fair and honest.


Crave Interactive
Feb 2021 - Present
VP Technology
Crave Interactive
Feb 2017 - Feb 2021
Development Manager
Crave Interactive
2011 - Feb 2017
Software Engineer
Crave Interactive enhances guest services in the hospitality industry by providing ordering, reservation, travel and entertainment apps based on a SaaS model.
After the merger of Grenos and Crave, I was offered a full-time job as software engineer. My main job is to create new features, fix bugs and make sure the Crave platform keeps running.

The accomplishment of which I'm most proud of began as a small side-project, but quickly grew to be one of Crave her key selling points; CraveOS.
CraveOS is a modification of the vanilla Android platform to give maximum control over the tablets (i.e. Kiosk Mode, root access, custom footer bar) and have the Crave Emenu app seamlessly integrate with the OS.

In 2014 Crave took her next big step forward to stay market leader. Using my relations in China and Hong Kong we have accomplished to create the Crave Tablet which is specifically build to be placed in hotel rooms. CraveOS is factory installed on the Crave Tabs.
Dutch Trading Kort
2014 - Present
Trading Agent
Dutch Trading Kort is a small company which focusses on helping European companies import goods from China and Hong Kong by using her extensive network of validated manufacturers.
Helping in the evening hours I mainly focus on communication with manufacturers to make sure the requested products are to be delivered on time and to our customers specification.

Two to three times a year I fly to China to visit the import/export fair to search for new and interesting products. While being in China I try visit some of our manufacturers to discuss how business is going.
Grenos developed award winning self-ordering applications to be used by restaurant guests in the early days of smartphones and tablets.
To graduate from HBO I had to do an internship at an IT company for the last 6 months. Grenos her self-ordering application was written in Adobe Flex, while the rest of their platform was build in C#.NET. As my graduation assignment I got the task to delvelop a new self-ordering application in C#.NET, based on the old application, so it integrated with existing the Grenos C#.NET code-base.

During my internship Grenos merged with Crave Interactive, a UK-based company providing guest-faced hospitality solutions.


  • 2000

    ISW Chrysantenstraat Naaldwijk (MAVO)

    4 Years - High School

  • 2004

    Albeda College Vlaardingen

    2 Years - ICT Management Level 3

  • 2006

    Albeda College Rotterdam

    2 Years - ICT Management Level 4

  • 2008

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

    4 Years - Bachelor ICT

    In our third year, myself and 6 other students got selected to work on a special project in collaboration with IBM and Arcadis. The goal of this project was to develop a (serious) game to teach people of the dangers of water and what be done to decrease the risk of living behind dikes and waterworks.

  • 2012


    Starting working full time at Crave Interactive


Danny Kort
February 7, 1988


Java (Android)




Playing guitar

Side Projects

Guild Leader PSDH
In my spare time I am the guild leader of the Guild Wars 2 guild; Piken Square Dragon Hunters. With 350+ members PSDH is one of the bigger guilds in the game.

PSDH primarily focusses on large scale "World Boss" events (100~150 players) which require lots of coordination and (voice-)communication. To make this happen PSDH has multiple coordinators and commanders who help during these events.

As guild leader I am the main point of contact for everyone and everything in the guild and it's my job to keep the guild running smoothly.
Pokemon Universe MMORPG
Due to boredom in the first year of university - and lack of any other good online Pokemon game - we started this project to create a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in the universe of Pokemon.

Myself and two other students started this project and in our peak time we had a team of 15 people from all around the world doing various jobs (writing story, creating art, mapping, programming). My job was general project/team management and developing the game server and various tools like a level editor.
Project has been abandoned since June 2015